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Goldberg Intl. CPA Firm


USA: 845.232.1948 | Israel: 02.532.5301



Enjoy life! Leave the paperwork to us.

       From simple year-end tax return filing to complex financial balancing, we are equipped to look out for your best interests. The IRS has trained professionals eager to capitalize on your mistakes. Let us "balance the equation".

      Goldberg Intl. is experienced in both American and Israeli tax regulations, and how they interact with each other. We can help you stay afloat on both sides of the pond.

       We believe that all our clients deserve the highest levels of skill, proficiency and care whether in need of 1 or 1000 hours of services.

       We see it as our mission to empower our clients to understand their finances and taxes and to succeed - which means we are happy to do things your way, and are eager to explain everything we do in plain simple English (or Hebrew).

       To learn how we can help you, call for a free, simple 15 minute consultation.