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Frequently Asked Questions


*NEW*) HELP! What in the world is going on with FBARs!?

      Right, the FBAR. First, take a deep breath. You're not alone here. The IRS and U.S. government have been making a lot of new rules and, with them, scaring and overwhelming lots of folks. There is a strong possibility that you will not have to take any action. The main thing you need to know is that it is important not to make any rushed, rash decisions. Get ahold of a CPA or tax lawyer with proper qualifications and experience specific to the FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) A.S.A.P. and make your first move the best possible move. You may find it helpful to take a look at FBARadvice.com, but again, we strongly advise against taking this on without professional guidance.

1) Why use an accountant (instead of filing myself)?

      Great question - after all, there are lots of "do it yourself" options available for filing. However, those options won't guard you from making errors that can land you in a huge balagan if the IRS decides to audit you (Yup, the IRS audits even "small fry" more often than you might suspect).

      Even more, a good accountant can find a way to legally organize your finances and file your taxes that can save you oodles of cash. Mrs. Goldberg would be happy to tell you the story of how she saved a client about $75,000 with 10 minutes of work.

2) Why use a CPA (there are lots of tax prep services)?

       Aside from the instances where a CPA is requireed by the IRS, it’s true, you may chance upon a talented person to handle your earnings without a CPA – but there’s just no solid way to know. Did you know that some tax prep services can be staffed by people that do not even have a college education? Just like the "MD" letters are a good sign of finding responsible care for your physical health, so is "CPA" for your accounting health. A good number of our clients have hired us as their second accountant. Capiche?

       Additionally, a CPA can sign a power of attorney with the client (that’s you) and speak to the IRS on their behalf. A CPA can go to bat for you in ways that others just cannot.

3) Why use a Goldberg Intl.?

       Glad you asked. If you prefer quick, efficient service that you can trust to land you the lowest possible legal tax payments, you’re in the right place. Bring us your data, and we will handle everything, from A to Done. We are happy to explain each step of the process to you in plain, simple English so that you are empowered and in charge.

       Our fee schedule is based on a clear, competitive hourly rate. We do not charge commissions on any credits or savings and there are no hidden fees.

       On the one hand, we are an "old fashioned" firm that believes in expressing gratitude to our clients through respectful, full service care and looking out for your interests. On the other, we are also a cutting edge firm that takes full advantage of today’s communication and accounting technology to maximize bang for buck, and make the experience a pleasure. If you've got a third hand, boy would we love to hire you! :-)

       Got other questions? We’d love to answer them – just get in touch.